Companies may get stuck in telling their authentic story to future employees by sticking to their brand identity or underutilizing new mediums to channel their employer brand. Oftentimes, job descriptions fail to captivate the right audience; top performers from all backgrounds and future brand champions.

Nate Guggia is a dedicated thought leader on the topic and his team at Before You Apply is on a mission to make recruiting transparent and compelling through storytelling. This is theiropening letterto users. This is theirwebsite. And this is Nate’spersonal newsletter.

Host, Neha Khurram probes on the topic of recruiting as a marketing funnel and how companies can leverage a similar strategy to enable their recruiters to deliver the right messaging to attract top talent.

If you are a recruiter, job seeker, founder, or executive leader, be sure to tune in as you’ll want to understand how hiring has changed in recent years and how to exceed expectations in the market.

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