Workplace support for breastfeeding parents is good for business. With breastfeeding employees facing a multitude of logistical, emotional and physical challenges that impact their success at feeding and at work, companies that invest in a lactation-supportive climate see a 94% retention rate, 50% reduction in sick days and $875 savings per feeding parent/year (US Dept. of Health & Human Services).

Enter new momAmyVanHaren, who foundedpumpspottingafter her lonely experience being a new breastfeeding, working, traveling new mama, who recognized that to be successful with breastfeeding, parents need both support and practical resources. Aside from the app available to individual users, pumpspotting provides a B2B version that allows employers to provide a customexperience (i.e., info on lactation lounges in the building and a closed community of fellow employees). There’sright-size solutions for any business and their technology to make it easy to support feeding parents whether they are at work or home. Amy hasconnected and helped over 40,000 parents since founding this community.

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