In this episode, the world’s leading authority on employee recognition Dr. Bob Nelson and his long-time colleague, performance consultant Mario Tamayo, discuss how and why they teamed up to write their new book Work Made Fun Gets Done! all about FUN in the ever-changing workplace. Deloitte has labeled the 2020’s as “The Era of Workplace Fun.,” and there are no better experts than Dr. Bob and Mario to address the topic!

The authors/guests speak on:

  • Why a fun workplace requires more than a breakroom Ping-Pong table or free soda in the fridge
  • Proven, easy-to-use strategies and best practices from leaders at Fortune’s best companies, including Cisco, Salesforce, Hilton, Adobe, and many others
  • Tactics anyone can use to bring more joy to their work and make tasks more fulfilling
  • How to engage the newest generations—Millennials and Gen Z, who make up the majority of the workforce—as well as older cohorts, and burnt-out employees

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